Our Passion is to Create, Design, Write Your Brand Story

At Pillar Brands we have experience working with influential Christian leaders and their ministry organizations, uniquely equipped to guide, manage and assume content marketing responsibilities for faith-focused businesses and organizations. We commit ourselves to your engagement and revenue success as you “grow’ and “go.” We work hard to hire talented, experienced creatives and marketers who share our clients' passion for making an eternal impact among those they serve.

Stephanie Smith,   Partner, Marketing

Stephanie Smith, Partner, Marketing

Joshua Smith ,  Partner, Creative

Joshua Smith, Partner, Creative

Benjamin Rodriguez ,  Brand Strategy

Benjamin Rodriguez, Brand Strategy

Deanne Welsh,   Editorial

Deanne Welsh, Editorial

Eric Burgess,   Digital Publishing

Eric Burgess, Digital Publishing

Arpee Caron,   Client Services

Arpee Caron, Client Services

Jeff Halsey,   Graphic Design

Jeff Halsey, Graphic Design

Ray Bueno,   Production Design

Ray Bueno, Production Design

Ashlyn Riding,   Production Coordination

Ashlyn Riding, Production Coordination

Lisa Vasquez ,  Administration

Lisa Vasquez, Administration


Join us and serve others with your creative talents.